An Overview of KeywordSpy™ Tracking Version 2.0

KeywordSpy Tracking is a powerful web-based campaign monitoring platform, which does a real-time tracking of your online ad campaigns, based on specified keywords, search engines and countries.

It tracks all competitive results into a database, can generate valuable position and analytics, and is able to send on the fly e-mail alerts whenever it detects new keywords, ad copies or new competitors in your market.


Manually tracking your campaign performance vis-à-vis your greatest online competitors is very hard and time consuming. With KeywordSpy Tracking, you’re guaranteed to generate valuable reports even while you sleep.


How It Works, and Why It’s Different?

KeywordSpy Tracking reports go beyond other ad campaign tracking software, as we provide you with both PPC and Organic data which are beneficial in optimizing your SEM and SEO efforts.

We offer the most comprehensive keyword suggestions and analytics; ad copy and landing page intelligence; competitor data and comparison; and a lot more information. These will allow you to view the marketing landscape you are in, for you to create high-performance, cost-efficient ad campaigns in Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

KeywordSpy Tracking intelligently automates much of the requisite but time consuming, tedious and laborious work that is necessary in search marketing intelligence.

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