KeywordSpy™ Country Domains: Opening Its Doors to the World

Article Source: PR Log Press Release by Kara Ochoa

Reaching out to the international market, KeywordSpy is making country-based keyword research a lot more easier for marketers.

Aiming to provide the best keyword ideas for all online businesses worldwide, KeywordSpy is bringing their services closer to their valued clients with their recently launched KeywordSpy country domains.

Enjoy convenience in PPC keyword research and cut down the time it takes to gather data for your country with results set in default of your desired market. currently generates results, by default, from the Global or United States arena. If you would like to default search results to a specific region, United Kingdom for example, you can now log on to your KeywordSpy account on All results for your searches are automatically set to search for the area’s PPC keywords first before it suggests results from other countries, saving you time.

At present, the new country domains include:
KeywordSpy Australia
KeywordSpy Austria
KeywordSpy Brazil
KeywordSpy Canada
KeywordSpy Greece
KeywordSpy India
KeywordSpy Italy
KeywordSpy Mexico
KeywordSpy Spain
KeywordSpy Switzerland; and
KeywordSpy United Kingdom

The launch of KeywordSpy country domains is just one of the many features the keyword research tool is planning to unveil for search engine marketers all over the world.

Just recently, the leader in keyword research technology and competitive intelligence upgraded its Pay per Click system with its devised budget intelligence data. And in the coming weeks, subscribers will surely get a kick out of the new features currently boiling in the KeywordSpy kitchen, proof that great technology never stops innovating.

About KeywordSpy

KeywordSpy is a privately owned company, founded in 2004 by group of professional-online enthusiasts, who are dedicated in answering the burgeoning need for a reliable keyword research tool in the World Wide Web.

Its proprietary technology tracks all search advertising activity in any given industry, empowering companies and individuals with marketing analytics, PPC, SEO and Affiliate intelligence, competitors’ keywords, advertisement copies, and other valuable information needed for advertisers to gain tremendous increase in their ROI.

4 Responses to “KeywordSpy™ Country Domains: Opening Its Doors to the World”

  1. Kimio Yamaguchi says:

    do you have plan to have Japanese service? Japanese market of adwords and overture are pretty huge and growing. I think you have big chance, here.

  2. Hi Kimio Yamaguchi,

    We are to add more country domains to cater more local and international advertisers.

    We will be glad to update you once the Japanese service is added in our database.

    Thank you for your support!

    Please contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or desired features in KeywordSpy.

    The KeywordSpy Team

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    Ahh tis quite true:.”…

  4. Miguel says:

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    good info!…

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