KeywordSpy™ Goes British


KeywordSpy™ has always been a prime research tool for UK advertisers worldwide, and with its revamped UK service, users will increase the profitability of their campaigns.

The upgraded UK-based platform is incorporated into the existing researcher database, where users can choose from 17 different markets, including the United Kingdom.

The UK database provides a deeper understanding of the keyword advertising patterns of UK domains, by identifying online competitors that emerge in several British PPC industries.

Additionally, KeywordSpy™ users can do advanced sorting and €filtering of keywords metrics such as ROI, Search Volume and CPC in order to identify the effective UK terms and phrases.


(KeywordSpy™ UK Results for

The improved service from KeywordSpy™ will surely have some serious uptake in the UK. The
targeting of UK keywords among PPC advertisers will de€nitely provide improved pro€tability
opportunities for UK-focused campaigns, and for those who are trying to take their campaigns
across the Atlantic.

Moreover, the comprehensive UK-based data could point towards support of greater localization in PPC. While KeywordSpy™ currently enjoys the title of “Leader in Keyword Research Technology” in most English speaking markets, diversification into other keyword markets could help advertisers to bring their expertise into many under-served markets.

KeywordSpy™ is looking forward to rolling out more countries in the months to come, aside from the current 17 countries that it serves.

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