KeywordSpy™ Goes to Europe! (enhanced country services launched for France, Spain, Germany & Italy)

The PPC revolution is unstoppable. What once was an exclusive US phenomenon has carried itself onto other English-speaking markets. Even now non-English language countries are riding on the search engine marketing bandwagon.

KeywordSpy has always been at the forefront of this imagerevolution. Just fresh after the unveiling of its enhanced UK and Australian services, the world’s leading keyword research tool stages a massive European invasion with the launch of improved services and data for France, Spain, Germany and Italy.

Now, your SEM expertise need not be confined to English-language markets.  Whether your competitors have campaigns catering to France, Spain, Germany or Italy; KeywordSpy™ effectively smokes them out and reveals their PPC statistics and tactics.

Some patent pending features to look out for:

  • Daily scanning of the France, Spain, Germany and Italy PPC markets;
  • Over 127 million keywords in system;
  • ROI detection for profitable keywords and ad copy combination;
  • Full support for 80+ affiliate networks in the France, Spain, Germany and Italy markets;
  • Customized France, Spain, Germany and Italy-specific statistics.

No other service can offer coverage for these booming European PPC markets like KeywordSpy™ can.  With France, Spain, Germany and Italy-specific competitive intelligence from our keyword tool, you’re sure to move in and dominate your competitors’ turfs while they’re not looking.

So, discover the PPC strategies of your French, Spanish, German and Italian competitors before they do yours! Sign up with the new and enhanced KeywordSpy™, and make your mark in the European PPC scene!

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