KeywordSpy™ Tracking Version 2.0; Bigger and Simply Better

The incredible potential of KeywordSpy Tracking has just been unleashed with the release of its new version.

We’ve added lots of powerful PPC and Organic features which will make your real-time campaign tracking comprehensive and a lot more impressive.


What’s new?

*Instant Overview of Top Competitors in Google, Yahoo & MSN

Whether you’re an individual marketer or SEM/SEO company, your online competitors cannot hide from KeywordSpy Tracking. We are monitoring the Big 3 Search Engines and over 30 countries.

*Ad Copy and Landing Page Intelligence at your fingertips

Analyzing your competitor’s ad copies and landing page just got easier. We now provide landing page intelligence such as title, meta keywords and landing URLs, which you can use for the improvement of your own advertisement copies and site pages.

*Unique and Common Keyword Overlap Comparison

To make it effortless for you to determine on what are the keywords you have in common, or different from your competitors, our interactive Keyword Overlap Comparison feature does it for you in an amazingly prompt and fast manner.

*Side-by-side comparison of advertisement copies in one glance

This exciting feature lets you know on the fly on which search engine a keyword or competitor is more active based on advertisement copies. This will allow you to strategize your own keyword-ad copy combination vis-à-vis your competitors in Google, Yahoo & MSN.

*Additional and Suggested Keywords from the Largest Keyword Database

In the quest of making a great keyword list, our Additional and Suggested Keywords will let you mine the profitable keywords of your competitors which you are not optimizing and will let you grab those terms to be added in your campaigns.

*Regular e-mail alerts on new keywords, ad copies & competitors

KeywordSpy campaign tracking does not end in our web-based platform, because we certainly reach your business e-mail, where we will send regular alerts, at your own discretion, whenever new keywords, ad copies or competitors enter your market.

If you want to know more about KeywordSpy Tracking features, you can check them out at

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