The KeywordSpy Affiliate Boot Camp: The Step-by-Step Blueprint with a Super Affiliate Battle Plan

KeywordSpy expands into the affiliate help market with its launch of the KeywordSpy Affiliate Boot Camp program – a pay service designed to help affiliates dominate their respective PPC markets.

Billed as “the 51+ Terabyte Interrogator”, the KeywordSpy Affiliate Boot Camp is a step-by-step detailing of how one can become a Super Affiliate using KeywordSpy. It is composed of 11 training modules and 13 video segments/case-study setup.

The modules are composed of lectures, which explain in written detail how to construct a campaign with the guidance of KeywordSpy; and also of worksheets to help document the progress of the campaign.

On the other hand, the video segments are a simulated demonstration of an actual case study for an affiliate campaign, wherein use of the KeywordSpy service is extensively shown.

Some segments of the Affiliate Boot Camp include titles such as “Sales Funnel Spying”, “Domain Spying Specifics”, “Landing Page Spying Tactics” and “Ad Copy Writing”.

With the combined usage of both modules and videos, KeywordSpy believes that affiliates will be guided in devising a momentous battle plan in dealing with their promotional campaign. They will easily get a competitive edge and affiliate earnings boost, especially in today’s fast-paced IT environment.

Signing up for the KeywordSpy Affiliate Boot Camp is priced at $47—a price that the service says is reasonable for the learning package offered.

For those, however, who would like to test the program, one can also avail of a Free Trial.

To know more about the program through detailed explanations and tour videos—and to eventually sign up for it (paid or Free Trial), you may visit the program homepage at:

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