Tips on Using Keywords for SEO Content

There is no exact science when it comes to optimizing website content for Search Engine Optimization. One of the key factors in ranking organically after all is on how the search engines determine the relevancy of your content in conjunction with user searches. With this, it all comes down to analyzing how search engines read your on-page content and how they rank your website depending on what the average user searches for and how your pages stand up to that need.

When it comes to using keywords, therefore, utilizing them properly is a powerful but crucial task. It all comes down to how you use the right keywords in the optimal manner in order to make your content relevant.

Emphasize your keywords through the webpage titles and headers. The title and headers carry greater weight when it comes to keyword usage than the body of your content. Search engines read these labels as the baseline for your entire content. Make sure to include your keywords in the page title and headers to let search engines and, eventually, your searchers know what your page is all about. Use title and header tags sparingly though. The search engines would see right through your tactic if you tag your entire body as the header.

Another means to accentuate the relevance of your content with internet searches is highlighting important terms and phrases in your content’s body such as imploring the use of italicized, bold, or underlined text. This would allow key phrases in your webpage to stand out. Having your keywords stand out establishes a connection with online users as regards what they are usually looking for in a product or service. Keywords with terms like "free delivery", "special discount" and "multi-awarded product", adds further credibility to your site that contributes as well to search engine indexing.

Also, use keywords that relates well to your webpage. As much as you cannot tell what are the exact terms online users type in search engines, you can still make do with keyword research tools that now tells you keywords that prominent websites are using in their marketing campaign.

With KeywordSpy, you can search for websites relevant to your industry, go through their keywords, and collect useful terms you can also implore in your website content.


(KeywordSpy Organic Keywords for the Domain:

Along with keywords, you can scout through measurements to find out how popular a keyword is like Search Volume and Search Results analysis. Having access to known keywords with quality searches will help with your site content. Be wary however of too much competition in Search Results statistics that could prove ranking for your content rather difficult.


Lastly, avoid overdoing it. The idea of keyword research and on page optimization is to make your website relevant with online searches in order to establish credible rankings. However, overdoing the usage of keywords and techniques can also cause a backlash effect. As much as it is a task to make your website appropriate it is also important to make the content coherent.

Proofread your final content with your keywords, read it out loud if it makes sense or cause confusion. Avoid redundancy. Another technique is to have another person’s perspective. If you have used the same keyword more than twice within four sentences, you have gone overboard.

Remember also that SEO does not just rely on on-page optimization but off page as well. Create as much relevancy and smooth flow of keywords with your online content and the rest of your efforts; you could focus on link building and even on search advertising.

by: Kara Ochoa

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