The KeywordSpy Affiliate Boot Camp: The Step-by-Step Blueprint with a Super Affiliate Battle Plan

KeywordSpy expands into the affiliate help market with its launch of the KeywordSpy Affiliate Boot Camp program – a pay service designed to help affiliates dominate their respective PPC markets.

Billed as “the 51+ Terabyte Interrogator”, the KeywordSpy Affiliate Boot Camp is a step-by-step detailing of how one can become a Super Affiliate using KeywordSpy. It is composed of 11 training modules and 13 video segments/case-study setup.

The modules are composed of lectures, which explain in written detail how to construct a campaign with the guidance of KeywordSpy; and also of worksheets to help document the progress of the campaign.

On the other hand, the video segments are a simulated demonstration of an actual case study for an affiliate campaign, wherein use of the KeywordSpy service is extensively shown.

Some segments of the Affiliate Boot Camp include titles such as “Sales Funnel Spying”, “Domain Spying Specifics”, “Landing Page Spying Tactics” and “Ad Copy Writing”.

With the combined usage of both modules and videos, KeywordSpy believes that affiliates will be guided in devising a momentous battle plan in dealing with their promotional campaign. They will easily get a competitive edge and affiliate earnings boost, especially in today’s fast-paced IT environment.

Signing up for the KeywordSpy Affiliate Boot Camp is priced at $47—a price that the service says is reasonable for the learning package offered.

For those, however, who would like to test the program, one can also avail of a Free Trial.

To know more about the program through detailed explanations and tour videos—and to eventually sign up for it (paid or Free Trial), you may visit the program homepage at:

Trademark Protection through Ad Research and Tracking

As a PPC advertiser, it is not enough to bid on the right keywords in order to place your ads on search engines. Being able to advertise on the basis of unique keywords is also necessary in order to secure a worthy online traffic.

Imagine a user searching for your product on Google and finding another website’s ad instead. Whether this ad could actually convert that click to a sale is yes another issue. But the fact that you could be losing traffic for people searching for your own trademark does not bode well for you either.

In Google for example, you can file for complaints for advertisers to cease in using your trademarked terms as keyword triggering their ads through their trademark policy. It is just a matter then of searching for which advertisers violating the use of your trademark.

Keyword research tools have a way of tracking trademark use such as with KeywordSpy’s Ad Copy Search feature.


(KeywordSpy Ad Copies Search Results for the trademark: KeywordSpy)

When you search for a term under “Ad Copies”, the tool will then generate ad variations containing the term you have searched that show up on PPC advertisements or search ads. This will allow you to find out if the ads for your brand names represent your company and affiliates only or is being used by other advertisers without your knowledge.

With this, you can not only narrow down who uses your brand name properly, but at the same time find out how your affiliates are promoting your brand as well, allowing you to regulate inappropriate ads that represent your company and product.

Besides searching for trademarks on the ad text, KeywordSpy Tracking also allows you to monitor trademark usage by allowing you to store your brand names and terms for daily monitoring and convenient reporting on possible competitors bidding on your trademarks and using them in their PPC advertising campaigns.


(KeywordSpy Tracking results for the keyword: Windows servers)

Daily monitoring of your keywords through the Tracking system allows you to easily evaluate trademark usage on search ads’ text without having to search for them over and over again on a daily basis.

Bottom line, regulating and protecting your trademark keywords is crucial in terms of search ads as too many advertisers using your brand name could not only cause too much competition for CPC costs but would ultimately lead you to losing traffic for a product you own in the first place.

by Kara Czarina Ochoa, Marketing Consultant

KeywordSpy – A Search Advertising Intelligence Tool with Benefits

It’s been an age old adage, but still works without fail: If you need something, look it up in a search engine. And Google, Yahoo and MSN (now Bing) thrived on this, giving you results you’ve desired.

As an ordinary customer, you were able to get the results. But what if you’ve already ventured into the world of SEO? What if doing just a run-of-the-mill search wasn’t enough anymore, and you needed more data, and more statistics to guide you?

Luckily for us, keyword tools exist. And not only that: they could act as search engines. And better.

Searching for ads and ad terms has been made easier by keyword tools, such as KeywordSpy. In the keyword tool’s latest incarnation, we see how this is done.

For example, if we wanted to buy the new Beatles Rock Band online, we would go to Google and find out info. Most likely, we would come across PPC ads in our search. But what if we ourselves would be the merchants for this service? We would like to find out SEM and SEO related information. So we go to a keyword tool – in this case, KeywordSpy – click the Ad Copy circle, enter our “Beatles Rock Band”, put in our country of choice, then press Enter.

We then see all the ad copies showing the Beatles Rock Band in them. In a flash, we get to see all ads, and all pertaining keywords and statistics.


Let’s also try looking more into the data behind a keyword. We click on the keyword “complete beatles”, and get this result:



In this keyword tool feature, you get to see all of the keywords used for this particular ad copy, including the ROI, Search Volume and Average Cost per Click (CPC). (ROI, in this case, is the number of times the ad is seen times the percentage, divided by the time it was last seen).

This new keyword tool feature can also lead us to a few surprises. Let’s go deeper into the Ad Copy search. In one of the pages, we stumble upon this result:


We can see here the ad copy unlocking the keyword: “the beagle”. Now this is an unrelated keyword, and obviously a misspelling. However the ad copy still managed to rank for it. The advertiser may perhaps have done this on purpose, in order to appear for the ad in case a competitor misspells the keyword he inputs. And with the CPC at $.30, he could take an inexpensive risk with this keyword.

Finally, here’s good news: the KeywordSpy Research database is now more updated than any other keyword tool you can find. So expect only the freshest and most valuable information from this powerful keyword tool.


Article Written by Roi Abundabar, SEO Specialist

KeywordSpy Launches New Organic Data

Make your SEO campaign a smashing and profitable success!

KeywordSpy knows how to make your SEO campaign profitable. From proprietary tools, we have created the most powerful metrics to identify the most profitable organic keywords.


How it works?

uses your competitor sites’ organic data to continuously suggest effective SEO keywords, so you’ll know which terms are most important to focus on once you decide to structure your site content hierarchy.
This way, you can visually see which organic terms are going to be most effective and important by considering these valuable keyword statistics:

  • Organic Position
  • Search Volume
  • CPC
  • Traffic %
  • Value %
  • Competing Ads
  • Search Results
  • Landing Page URL

Empower yourself to take charge of your Search Engine Optimization with the new KeywordSpy SEO data.

Press Release written by Liezl Gutierrez

KeywordSpy™ Goes to Europe! (enhanced country services launched for France, Spain, Germany & Italy)

The PPC revolution is unstoppable. What once was an exclusive US phenomenon has carried itself onto other English-speaking markets. Even now non-English language countries are riding on the search engine marketing bandwagon.

KeywordSpy has always been at the forefront of this imagerevolution. Just fresh after the unveiling of its enhanced UK and Australian services, the world’s leading keyword research tool stages a massive European invasion with the launch of improved services and data for France, Spain, Germany and Italy.

Now, your SEM expertise need not be confined to English-language markets.  Whether your competitors have campaigns catering to France, Spain, Germany or Italy; KeywordSpy™ effectively smokes them out and reveals their PPC statistics and tactics.

Some patent pending features to look out for:

  • Daily scanning of the France, Spain, Germany and Italy PPC markets;
  • Over 127 million keywords in system;
  • ROI detection for profitable keywords and ad copy combination;
  • Full support for 80+ affiliate networks in the France, Spain, Germany and Italy markets;
  • Customized France, Spain, Germany and Italy-specific statistics.

No other service can offer coverage for these booming European PPC markets like KeywordSpy™ can.  With France, Spain, Germany and Italy-specific competitive intelligence from our keyword tool, you’re sure to move in and dominate your competitors’ turfs while they’re not looking.

So, discover the PPC strategies of your French, Spanish, German and Italian competitors before they do yours! Sign up with the new and enhanced KeywordSpy™, and make your mark in the European PPC scene!

KeywordSpy™ Announces Support for Over 80 Affiliate Networks!

The affiliate marketing scene is bigger than ever. With more people wanting to become online vendors, more affiliate networks have sprung up, giving limitless choices on products to promote.image

That is why for spying on affiliate keyword and ad strategies, KeywordSpy is the top choice. In fact, thousands of affiliate marketers are doing keyword research on KeywordSpy daily. Some super affiliates even make $10,000 a day off the information KeywordSpy provides! Amazing, isn’t it?

And now — with 80 plus affiliate networks in its reach — KeywordSpy has become the definitive tool for truly complete affiliate information.

Networks supported include:

Furthermore, here’s what you can expect from the improved Affiliate Research feature of KeywordSpy:

  • Anti-cloaking technology
  • Deep analysis of 80+ networks
  • Daily updates

In addition, you get:

  • Over 127,000,000+ keywords
  • Multiple keyword scans a day
  • Advanced wildcard searches
  • Reveal top products

The Advanced Affiliate Search feature upgrades are free-of-charge for existing users of KeywordSpy Professional.

For more information on Advanced Affiliate Search with KeywordSpy, check our video tutorials at

Don’t just be another wannabe affiliate advertiser. Sign up with KeywordSpy, zero in on the top affiliates, and beat them at their own game!