Help Tips for Non-English PPC and SEO

In doing PPC and SEO, you would eventually want to explore new territory. And this would include employing other languages. But even in the age of Google Translate, mere translation does not guarantee success in selling your goods to other nationalities, lest you risk being swallowed alive by other companies who have better language departments. That is why it is important that you know the following tips so that your search marketing efforts do not get “lost in translation”.

Carefully consider the language

The closer you translate the better your chances of selling. So don’t just rely on a translate tool to do the dirty work for you. Make an effort to create selling text, as if you wanted to sincerely sell to your non-English speaking audience. How about the language of telenovelas for the Spanish set? Crazy as it may sound, it may actually work.

In addition, look up potential foreign websites in a keyword research tool and look for the keywords they use. You will stumble upon native keywords and phrases that will be an accurate reflection of the website’s market, and you could use these too to enrich the foreign iterations of your site.

Get expert translating without compromising spending

Mere translation won’t cut it. You would need to make sure your landing page would also effectively convert. Know expressions, pitch techniques and other stuff that get other nationalities interested. Sometimes the frank American approach won’t work with Italian sensationalism, so that is something to consider.

This doesn’t stop with the ads you place on Google Adwords. You must also pay attention to the language used in the whole page, as this will be the clincher part for your application.

At the same time, also explore the keywords that will cater to those in that particular region. You can be most definite that the terms in use here will be different from the ones used to sell in English, so make good on your international keyword research. Know, once and for all, what terms will entice them to buy.

Link to other local pages

Since you’re now catering to a different country, you might as well link to other countries using pages which are related to the products that you are promoting. If your site will be selling biking gear to Brazil, you may consider hooking up with forums and blogs in the country to promote your site. Offer them a special promotional section, if need be. Be sure also to check their PageRank, as their popularity will make or break your efforts to be known. Not only are you noticed, you get to endear yourself even to the common citizen with your efforts.

Create internal links

While we do promote language targeting, it also helps to interrelate languages even if they are not really that similar. This would also work effectively in places like Canada, where two languages are in primary use. Francophones there would still prefer to see text in their language even with the exposure to English; in the same manner, not all Quebec residents are instant French speakers.  So do your homework and link your site as strongly as you can to hit two foreign-speaking birds with one stone.

Use keyword research tools to get actual foreign market information

Of course, you wouldn’t know the actual domains and keywords being used unless you research the foreign markets you are targeting. Thankfully, there are keyword research tools that can help you get that information. One such powerful tool is KeywordSpy which covers over 30 countries.

Through the Research module, you can just switch the dropdown bar on the top right whenever you do a search on the domain or keyword. For a search on the domain, you will see the ad copies for countries including non-English speaking countries such as Greece, Mexico, France, Spain and a whole lot more!

On the other hand, through the Tracking module of KeywordSpy, you can see the performance in real time of the ad copies, and PPC and organic keywords in over 30 countries. You employ a similar way of researching the data from foreign markets as in the Research module; except in this method, you will unlock other keywords you can potentially use, at a faster, more frequently updating basis.

Remember, the world does not revolve around you and your tried and true marketing strategy. Don’t just use a new language; imbibe it and harness it to make you dominate as you penetrate new frontiers in the search engine arena.

Your Guide to Dynamic Keyword Insertion

An advanced feature that can help make your ad more relevant to a diverse audience is using “Dynamic Keyword Insertion”. Dynamic Keyword Insertion is sometimes referred to as the “dirty little secret” by PPC marketing agencies and the cornerstone of most internet marketing eBooks written by self proclaimed gurus. We need to fully understand Dynamic Keyword Insertion before implementing this feature in our campaigns and seeing it increase the ad’s click through rate as well as quality score.

This feature can be used with any text-based ads but should be used with care. Take your time to learn keyword insertion before implementing this technique to your account.


As we may or may not know, major PPC engines would show your keywords in bold letters in your ad as a reward for the relevancy of your PPC advertisement. In the example below, you will see an AdWords ad for The keyword they are targeting is “Guitar Sale”.


In this example, the keywords searched by the user which triggered the ad are in bold, not only in the title, but the ad copy and the display URL as well. This will definitely pull a searcher’s eye, increase your click through rate (CTR), and also your quality score. This simply means that when your ad contains keywords that are bold, you are telling the user or the searcher you got the information they want to see or what they are looking for.

You may still be wondering where dynamic keyword insertion comes in here. It comes in when you have to use a lot of keywords for your ad. You could create individual ads for each keyword which will take a lot of your time, effort and of course money, or you could just write a single ad and let Google, Yahoo or MSN insert the keywords dynamically for you.

Allow me to give an example of what it is I’m referring to here: (we’ll take into account only a few keywords just for this purpose) Old Cars, Cheap Cars and Used Cars. Instead of writing individual ads for each keyword, we will just use some codes to let major search engines insert these keywords for us. In your ad group “Cars” you can create the following code: (Your ad group should also contain the keywords: Old Cars, Cheap Cars and Used Cars)

Buy {KeyWord: Cars}

We Sell {KeyWord: Cars}

Free Maintenance for 1 Month{KeyWord: Cars}

Depending on the keywords the users are searching, your ad will show up like the following:

Search Query

Old Cars

Cheap Cars

Used Cars in the Philippines


Buy Old Cars

We Sell Old Cars

Free Maintenance for 1 Month

Buy Cheap Cars

We Sell Cheap Cars

Free Maintenance for 1 Month

Buy Cars

We Sell Cars

Free Maintenance for 1 Month

As you can see when someone searches and types in the keyword for your ad group, your ad will show up in that manner except when a user searches for a variation of your keyword or a broad match of your keyword, you will see that the default text will show up. The default text is the text after the “{Keyword:” in your default ad. Remember your default text should still fit the maximum characters limit.

As you have noticed, keywords can be inserted dynamically into any part of your ad, including the destination URL. With this, searchers right away see what you are offering and will click on your ad seeing that it is relevant to what they’re looking for.


There is a standard format in inserting keywords, this is {keyword: yourdefaulttext}. There are also variations to the standard format. In this case you can choose which letter of the keyword to capitalize. These variations are as follows:

· keyword – old cars

· Keyword – Old cars

· KeyWord – Old Cars

· KEYword – OLD cars

· KEYWord – OLD Cars

· KeyWORD – Old CARS



In conclusion, this feature is very helpful but one should be very careful when using this. There are several ways that you can manipulate this feature. An example would be getting the correct keywords for that specific ad group, meaning you should know what the similar and related keywords for your ads are. There are many ways for you to find out what these keywords are and the best way is by using a keyword research tool such as KeywordSpy whose feature includes giving information on similar and related keywords of your keyword of choice. Other helpful analytics such as ROI values are also provided by KeywordSpy which will help you filter out the best keywords for your advantage.

Now the challenge for you is to create a better, more dynamic ad. Just also bear in mind that all your ads should follow the search engine’s advertising policy.

Peter Zmijewski – KeywordSpy CEO and Founder


Innovator, investor, internet marketing guru and entrepreneur, Peter Zmijewski is the founder and CEO at KeywordSpy. While studying Information Systems at the University of Melbourne, he wrote his first software application called Hot Chilli. Hot Chilli had a special feature which added special effects into web pages even before FLASH was introduced in the market. This application became a huge success  at that time, and was one of its kind in the IT industry and was sold to 50 different countries around the world.

Peter Zmijewski is acknowledged to have a foresight and a sense for business and marketing, and using what he sensed was the next big thing in the market, he set his eyes on the upcoming domain industry, resulting in the formation of his new company Internic in 1997.

After the launch of Internic, in less than a year, the company became the second largest domain registrar in the world directly behind Network Solutions, which was even larger than GoDaddy. His company single-handedly managed to process over 5,000,000 domain names, thus, making history in the domain industry.

Later he founded a hosting company called Domainhost. This company grew rapidly to over 40,000 hosting sites in just two years, creating a new milestone in Peter’s career. Peter moved the company to a prestigious office in downtown Chicago and later built a state of the art datacenter.

With deep knowledge and a thorough understanding of the rules of the internet marketing industry, Peter Zmijewski taught several young minds the art of becoming  successful internet entrepreneurs. Impressed with his tactics and his way of teaching, his students tagged him as the “Internet Marketing Guru” and today his name is added to the list of Famous Internet Marketing Gurus the internet has ever seen.

Create Laser-targeted PPC campaigns in 5 minutes!

With an average campaign creation time of 30 minutes, multiplied by hundreds, if not thousands of ad groups, you would literally have to spend WEEKS creating PPC campaigns. But not anymore as KeywordSpy introduces its Advanced PPC Export!

The Advanced PPC export is the new feature of KeywordSpy which dynamically generate campaigns in a format ready to be uploaded in Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft AdCenter Desktop.

In doing so, you skip creating a campaign from scratch, cut to the chase and increase your chances of securing premium ad spots ahead of the rest.


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The KeywordSpy Team

KeywordSpy Launches Corporate-Oriented Packages: Agency & Enterprise

image Offering an impressive collection of keyword research and competitor monitoring tools, search advertising intelligence magnate KeywordSpy (, has taken its service to a different level by launching new corporate-targeted packages – providing robust access to the KeywordSpy platform, API solution, multiple-user access and customizable reports.

KeywordSpy’s new packages called KeywordSpy Agency, KeywordSpy Enterprise and KeywordSpy Custom Reports allow online marketers and corporations to request for tailor-made search advertising applications, to easily merge KeywordSpy reports into any pre-existing database or website.

The KeywordSpy Agency package paves the way for companies and advertisers to have powerful data extraction facility in gathering advanced reports from KeywordSpy, plus the ability to access KeywordSpy via multiple-user logins, ideal for any company requiring extensive keyword mining and competitor research.

The KeywordSpy Enterprise on the other corner, currently being showcased as the “custom package” of KeywordSpy, gives chance to interested agencies and corporations to request and identify their custom-based application needs, which the KeywordSpy Development staff will in turn effectively define and build to ensure customization success.

The Enterprise package also includes the access to the most awaited KeywordSpy API, which grants webmasters the knack to programmatically embed KeywordSpy reports to their own site applications.

Other descriptions provided by KeywordSpy for the Enterprise package are as follows:


*30,000,000 data exports per month

*utilization of the KeywordSpy API

*daily database updates

* multiple-user access

*customization for selected countries and markets

*2,000,000 search queries per month

*expanded long-tail keyword scanning

*access to advanced charts and graphs

*Ad Budget Intelligence for all domains

*historical ad archive

*Affiliate Intelligence and Reports

*monitoring of up to 20,000 keywords in the KeywordSpy Tracking platform

*covering of the search advertising data in Google, Yahoo and Bing

KeywordSpy also bundled its Top List Reports of Best Sites and Keywords in PPC and SEO through a package called “Custom Reports,” allowing companies to get access to the following data:

*Lists of Top AdWords Advertisers

*Top Sites Based on Number of Keywords

*PPC Advertisers with the Most Budget Change

*PPC Sites with the Largest Change in Number of Keywords

*Top SEO Sites Based on Number of Keywords

*Top Organic Sites with the Largest Change in Number of Keywords

*Keywords with the Highest Cost Per Click

*Keywords with the Highest Cost Per Day

*Keywords with the Most Clicks Per Day

*Keywords with the Largest Cost per Click Change

*Keywords with the Largest Cost per Day Change

*Keywords with the Largest Clicks per Day Change


The original KeywordSpy packages may already provide good value depending on what you might use them for.

KeywordSpy Research – used for keyword research and competitor spying

KeywordSpy Tracking – used for keyword monitoring and performance tracking

KeywordSpy Professional – combination of Research and Tracking packages

But with the availability of the most powerful packages of KeywordSpy, with top-of-the-line features and an unprecedented collection of access and reports, KeywordSpy just offered the global search advertising community with state-of-the-art online tools which cannot be found just anywhere else.


Press Release Submitted by Liezl Gutierrez

A Friendly Chat with KeywordSpy

imageConversations can go a long way in building relationships. You break down walls of vagueness and initiate a needed exchange of ideas for better understanding.

Moreover, conversations can help you get clarification on what you are looking for, and help you better understand the service you are in for.

So at times, you need not fear the outstretched hand of courtesy, if it can help you get what you want and need. Who knows, you may get something beneficial out of it.

A service like KeywordSpy, for example, has been devoted to helping businesses improve their keyword research and usage for almost a decade, and customers have been nothing less than satisfied. After all, they have always topped satisfaction surveys with big names in the field on online businesses, and have had by numerous testimonials.

Because of this, the keyword research and competitive tool has decided to reach out further to potential customers, and spread the good news of cutting-edge SEO information via its Outbound Chat Service. KeywordSpy sales representatives are now more than willing to chat with you with regard to getting these memberships, and in helping you to understand the product as much as you can.

In addition, talking online with a friend at KeywordSpy could also work to your advantage! You can get membership incentives (including discounts of up to 20% of the signup fee), and maximum service when you talk to the reps. Everything is in place to make sure you get every dollar worth for your membership.

So don’t be surprised the next time you try to do keyword research, and someone invites you for a quick chat. It may be that golden ticket for you to have a deeper understanding of the tool, and the start of a meaningful and profitable relationship with this service.


How to Improve Your Link Building with Directory Submissions

Directory submissions are part of the link building process and a good start to getting links for your affiliate website. It may seem like a meaningless task at the beginning but it is one of the easiest and quickest ways to establishing backlinks your website needs to rank well on the search engines.

Invest your time in worthwhile directories. Submitting your website for directory listing can be quite a minor task but you have to make it matter where it needs to. Start by choosing authority directories that have been around for a while. The internet is full of websites that come in and out in a day, and yes, this includes mushrooms of directories that could be here today and for sale tomorrow.

Relative Directories. You can submit to general directories and can also submit to niche directories that target the same audience as you do. For example, there are directories especially for web design and development sites, as well as sites on home-based businesses. These directories help set up the relevancy of your website or affiliate page that especially matters to Google.

Local directories. Local directories matter if you are marketing your products to a given area. This will make your website specific to a given geography and again create appropriateness as well as appeal more to a market closer to yours.

Follow the competition. If you have other affiliates or websites selling the same product, find out what related websites they are linked to by checking out their backlinks. You can do this with SEO tools that allow you to view a website’s backlinks and SEO details like the KeywordSpy plug-in.


When you key in a search on Google or Yahoo, this tool will help you see and evaluate backlink details of websites in the search results. Evaluate your competition’s backlinks and see which directories, and other sites for that matter, you have not reached out to yet.

Pay attention to anchor text usage. If you have established your list of directories, do not use the same keyword as anchor text for your website on all of them. Split up your list and establish the main keywords of your website or affiliate site among them. Place the more specific anchor text on local and relative directories and use your most generic on general directories. The important thing is using variation, as keywords are crucial in not just getting listed but being found on directories as well.

Update your listings. Submission is not the endgame. Once you have submitted your website for directory listing, there is the matter of keeping your listings updated to ensure you still get the relevant visitors for your site. Since updating your website, especially for blogs, is also important in the optimization process, it would be safe to documented details of your submissions in order to check if your directory listings are still current with your website.

Article Written by Czarina Ochoa

The KeywordSpy Affiliate: Gets Rewards on Their Own Terms


KeywordSpy Affiliates promote a product that helps others get their own income from the Net. This is done when they get their competitors’ keywords from the keyword tool. So not only do they earn in advertising the product; they also help others earn in a parallel manner.

Yet people, even with the rise of e-business because of the recent recession, have become skeptical in taking on this opportunity. One reason is the online payment scheme, which has been confusing for individuals not familiar with how it is done.

KeywordSpy understands this concern, and has made easy-to-comprehend schemes so that affiliates may have a choice on how they would reap their reward.


KeywordSpy is supported by PayPal, the most trusted name for online payment. Now before you cry foul over the dampened reputation PayPal has gotten due to people’s reports, hold that thought. If you hear of a super affiliate’s success story, most likely the person got their payment from PayPal. And at some point in their promotion, they may have experienced the same hassles in obtaining the payment.

But just all tight problems, it can be resolved and foregone once the payment is properly transferred. With online glitches in payment behind you, you can manage one small step in the direction of becoming one of those who found their fortune on the Web.


Moving on to the discussion of the affiliate program choices of KeywordSpy: the keyword tool itself has an in-house promotion scheme, which is a one-time payment scheme. It already provides on with all the rewards in an instant. (For your information: the payment will vary on the type of product sold: $50 for a Research/Tracking membership sold (which is 80% of a purchase of 89.95); $80 per sale for a Professional membership (which is 70% of a purchase of 139.95).

Such huge amounts will be made available to you instantly, if your referrals of the keyword tool will exceed $100. Instead of a deterrent, however, this should actually encourage you to work harder so you can close more sales in order to claim a bigger commission. In doing so, it will be more fulfilling for you.

Another thing you have to consider: Your percentage is a hefty one, considering it is over 50% of the product you sold. So this is something that should motivate you.


But there may be also those who prefer getting recurring payments. In their case, they may sign up with Clickbank which has partnered up with the most dependable keyword tool. Another trusted online merchant of affiliate, KeywordSpy also made sure to tie up with a vendor who has a wide reach. The affiliate program in Clickbank goes by the name KeywordSpyPro. This commission is offered at a recurring 25% of commission basis, which would work well for people who would like to frequently obtain their pay.

In addition, payments are released every start of the month. If you want to know more about you may email the website at

With all of these in mind, one needs not hesitate in grabbing this opportunity. After all, it is the most extensive keyword tool out there, so you are promoting a quality product.

For more details, visit this link:




Article Written by Roi Abundabar

Happy Holidays from KeywordSpy!



KeywordSpy™ Affiliate Intelligence Now Live!

The time has come!

KeywordSpy™ announces its latest industrial-strength pay-per-click intelligence tool – Affiliate Intelligence. Every affiliate ad and affiliate ad campaign on the Internet can be searched, and the profitable ones replicated to help you start making more money now!

We now have over 30,000,000 affiliate ads indexed from over 300 affiliate networks
for you to profit from. Imagine being able to see exactly what your competitors are
running, where and how they are running it, and the ROI that they are getting for
all of their keywords.

Some of the features in KeywordSpy™ Affiliate Intelligence:

  • Support of over 300 affiliate networks (upgraded from 84)
  • Daily updates
  • Reveal affiliate data from over 30 countries
  • Reveal top products
  • Advance charts
  • Unlimited exporting
  • Anti-cloaking technology
  • Advanced wildcard searches
  • Over 127,000,000+ keywords

Affiliate networks supported include:

Get the final word on affiliate research. Sign up with KeywordSpy™ and use it to your advantage starting now!

See it in action now:

The KeywordSpy Team