Help Tips for Non-English PPC and SEO

In doing PPC and SEO, you would eventually want to explore new territory. And this would include employing other languages. But even in the age of Google Translate, mere translation does not guarantee success in selling your goods to other nationalities, lest you risk being swallowed alive by other companies who have better language departments. That is why it is important that you know the following tips so that your search marketing efforts do not get “lost in translation”.

Carefully consider the language

The closer you translate the better your chances of selling. So don’t just rely on a translate tool to do the dirty work for you. Make an effort to create selling text, as if you wanted to sincerely sell to your non-English speaking audience. How about the language of telenovelas for the Spanish set? Crazy as it may sound, it may actually work.

In addition, look up potential foreign websites in a keyword research tool and look for the keywords they use. You will stumble upon native keywords and phrases that will be an accurate reflection of the website’s market, and you could use these too to enrich the foreign iterations of your site.

Get expert translating without compromising spending

Mere translation won’t cut it. You would need to make sure your landing page would also effectively convert. Know expressions, pitch techniques and other stuff that get other nationalities interested. Sometimes the frank American approach won’t work with Italian sensationalism, so that is something to consider.

This doesn’t stop with the ads you place on Google Adwords. You must also pay attention to the language used in the whole page, as this will be the clincher part for your application.

At the same time, also explore the keywords that will cater to those in that particular region. You can be most definite that the terms in use here will be different from the ones used to sell in English, so make good on your international keyword research. Know, once and for all, what terms will entice them to buy.

Link to other local pages

Since you’re now catering to a different country, you might as well link to other countries using pages which are related to the products that you are promoting. If your site will be selling biking gear to Brazil, you may consider hooking up with forums and blogs in the country to promote your site. Offer them a special promotional section, if need be. Be sure also to check their PageRank, as their popularity will make or break your efforts to be known. Not only are you noticed, you get to endear yourself even to the common citizen with your efforts.

Create internal links

While we do promote language targeting, it also helps to interrelate languages even if they are not really that similar. This would also work effectively in places like Canada, where two languages are in primary use. Francophones there would still prefer to see text in their language even with the exposure to English; in the same manner, not all Quebec residents are instant French speakers.  So do your homework and link your site as strongly as you can to hit two foreign-speaking birds with one stone.

Use keyword research tools to get actual foreign market information

Of course, you wouldn’t know the actual domains and keywords being used unless you research the foreign markets you are targeting. Thankfully, there are keyword research tools that can help you get that information. One such powerful tool is KeywordSpy which covers over 30 countries.

Through the Research module, you can just switch the dropdown bar on the top right whenever you do a search on the domain or keyword. For a search on the domain, you will see the ad copies for countries including non-English speaking countries such as Greece, Mexico, France, Spain and a whole lot more!

On the other hand, through the Tracking module of KeywordSpy, you can see the performance in real time of the ad copies, and PPC and organic keywords in over 30 countries. You employ a similar way of researching the data from foreign markets as in the Research module; except in this method, you will unlock other keywords you can potentially use, at a faster, more frequently updating basis.

Remember, the world does not revolve around you and your tried and true marketing strategy. Don’t just use a new language; imbibe it and harness it to make you dominate as you penetrate new frontiers in the search engine arena.

KeywordSpy™ Goes to Europe! (enhanced country services launched for France, Spain, Germany & Italy)

The PPC revolution is unstoppable. What once was an exclusive US phenomenon has carried itself onto other English-speaking markets. Even now non-English language countries are riding on the search engine marketing bandwagon.

KeywordSpy has always been at the forefront of this imagerevolution. Just fresh after the unveiling of its enhanced UK and Australian services, the world’s leading keyword research tool stages a massive European invasion with the launch of improved services and data for France, Spain, Germany and Italy.

Now, your SEM expertise need not be confined to English-language markets.  Whether your competitors have campaigns catering to France, Spain, Germany or Italy; KeywordSpy™ effectively smokes them out and reveals their PPC statistics and tactics.

Some patent pending features to look out for:

  • Daily scanning of the France, Spain, Germany and Italy PPC markets;
  • Over 127 million keywords in system;
  • ROI detection for profitable keywords and ad copy combination;
  • Full support for 80+ affiliate networks in the France, Spain, Germany and Italy markets;
  • Customized France, Spain, Germany and Italy-specific statistics.

No other service can offer coverage for these booming European PPC markets like KeywordSpy™ can.  With France, Spain, Germany and Italy-specific competitive intelligence from our keyword tool, you’re sure to move in and dominate your competitors’ turfs while they’re not looking.

So, discover the PPC strategies of your French, Spanish, German and Italian competitors before they do yours! Sign up with the new and enhanced KeywordSpy™, and make your mark in the European PPC scene!

KeywordSpy™ Goes Down Under (Enhanced Australian Service Launched)

The PPC advertising market in Australia just keeps getting better and better. Competition now is as tough as catching a fast kangaroo. And as much as you want to spy on your competitors and know their keyword strategies – you are not able to, as most keyword tools just show US data.

Worry no more. With the enhanced Australian service, KeywordSpy Australia gives you keyword and competitor data which applies specifically to the Australian PPC market.

Now, keyword tool data is not just US-exclusive. KeywordSpy gives you the most accurate keyword research on your Australian-based competitors and the PPC tactics and tricks they been using.

The patent pending features include:

  • Daily scanning of the Australian PPC market.
  • Over 127 million keywords
  • ROI detection for profitable keywords and ad copy combination.
  • Full support for 80+ affiliate networks in the Australian market.
  • Customized Australian specific statistics.

In a nutshell, KeywordSpy™ will be the most comprehensive analytics service that gathers data from Australian-based searches to provide reliable competitive intelligence for PPC campaigns down under.

So what are you waiting for, mates? Check the new and enhanced KeywordSpy™, and dominate the Australian PPC scene in no time!

KeywordSpy™ Goes British


KeywordSpy™ has always been a prime research tool for UK advertisers worldwide, and with its revamped UK service, users will increase the profitability of their campaigns.

The upgraded UK-based platform is incorporated into the existing researcher database, where users can choose from 17 different markets, including the United Kingdom.

The UK database provides a deeper understanding of the keyword advertising patterns of UK domains, by identifying online competitors that emerge in several British PPC industries.

Additionally, KeywordSpy™ users can do advanced sorting and €filtering of keywords metrics such as ROI, Search Volume and CPC in order to identify the effective UK terms and phrases.


(KeywordSpy™ UK Results for

The improved service from KeywordSpy™ will surely have some serious uptake in the UK. The
targeting of UK keywords among PPC advertisers will de€nitely provide improved pro€tability
opportunities for UK-focused campaigns, and for those who are trying to take their campaigns
across the Atlantic.

Moreover, the comprehensive UK-based data could point towards support of greater localization in PPC. While KeywordSpy™ currently enjoys the title of “Leader in Keyword Research Technology” in most English speaking markets, diversification into other keyword markets could help advertisers to bring their expertise into many under-served markets.

KeywordSpy™ is looking forward to rolling out more countries in the months to come, aside from the current 17 countries that it serves.

KeywordSpy™ Launches Enhanced UK Service

As the second largest PPC market in the world, the United Kingdom deserves the full attention of a wily PPC advertiser. But with mostly US-centric keyword research tools available, how can you expect to be effective in reaching out to a UK audience?

Just like how the original KeywordSpy service revolutionized US online marketing analytics, KeywordSpy UK identifies your online competitors and their UK-specific tactics.

The features include:

    • Daily scanning of the UK PPC market
    • Over 127 million keywords
    • ROI detection for profitable keywords and ad copy combination
    • Full support for 80+ affiliate networks in the UK market
    • Customized UK specific statistics

    KeywordSpy will be the most comprehensive analytics service that gathers data from UK-based searches to provide reliable competitive intelligence for PPC campaigns in the UK advertising arena.

    With the recent launch of KeywordSpy version 3.0, the keyword competitive tool has also upgraded its UK analytics, prompting a surge in its use by UK PPC specialists and making it the new top choice in UK.

    Don’t get left behind by this British invasion. Score more PPC goals with the new and enhanced KeywordSpy.